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Why Study Business Failure

 If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my RSS feed. Thanks for visiting!     Studying Business Failure       Knowing Business Failure has Resulted in Business Success We can write about business success, however we need to learn from business failure.  Once I mentioned at a business forum

Need Top Suggestions On How To Improve Sales Calls?

  Sales Calls Strategy Making sales is the lifeblood of every profitable business. To be great at selling through telephone requires unique skills in communication and mastery in the sales process. Sales calls to different prospects may be intimidating at first, more especially when prospects tend to shy away from

Business Restructuring! Do You Know When it is Time?

 When do you know it is time for a business restructuring? Wait too may be too late! A restructuring, is it time? Tick, tick, tick, the clock is ticking. In less than a week payroll is due. The company does not have enough cash to pay the 200 employees

Raising Money: Increase Your Facebook Activities and Twitter Chats to Access Working Capital

 Raising Money? The Use of Alternative Credit Assessment Tools and Financing are changing the Game. Small Businesses will Benefit! For small businesses raising money, innovative sources and frameworks for credit risk assessment are changing the game to enhance borrowing possibilities. Traditional Credit Assessment in Raising Money Raising money is a

Raising Money: So you are thinking of raising money for your business from Venture Capital firms?

 To Get Venture Capital Funding, You Must Begin Thinking Like a Venture Capitalist When Raising Money! When raising money, think like a venture capital. For many entrepreneurs, success begins with a great idea. However, how do you get this idea off the ground?  Raising money is needed for your company,

Crowd Funding: the Next Turnkey Financing Source for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses

 Crowd Funding: Turnkey Financing Source for Entrepreneurs and Small Businesses If ideas for a big creative project swirl in your head, but you need money to make it happen! Look at crowd source funding. Crowd funding may be the answer. People want to support creative activities for example looking for

Business Failure: Business Success Can Breed Business Failure

  “Corporate failure is never the results of a random set of events. It is normally a reflection of deep-seated corporate shortcomings.”  (Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, 2012) Business Success Can Breed Failure We have all heard about the stories of companies that once dominated industry but later fell into

Bootstrapping Raising (Money) Capital Techniques

Among other things, on average, many companies develop and flourished through the use of bootstrapping without access to long-term external financing, over a five-year period (Winborg, 2009).

Bootstrapping: “The art of learning to do more with less.”

  Bootstrapping, the Purest form of Entrepreneurship Bootstrapping… bootstrapping… bootstrapping, it can be said that the purest form of entrepreneurship is bootstrapping.  During the prelaunch phase of a company and at times when access to business capital is difficult, bootstrapping is the way to go. To compete with existing businesses

Gary Rushin CPA | CGMA, Business Transformer

Gary Rushin has over 40-years of experience in the areas of commercial banking, investment banking, business valuations, corporation bankruptcies, and business turnarounds. Gary Rushin’s restructuring practice is a veteran advisor and industry agnostic. When the company is trending towards the “zone of insolvency”, operations weakens or strategic initiatives is not synchronized to the plan, a financial or operational restructuring, or a combination of both, may be called upon. Worked for companies, institutions, and their stakeholders, Gary Rushin has engaged in numerous restructuring situations, delivering crisis management and advisory services affecting operational and financial restructurings and guiding clients through the restructuring process. As an advisor to companies, Gary Rushin has prompted stabilizing and revitalizing operations, enhancing long-term value through the reduction of costs, shedding of non-essential operations, optimizing capital structures, developing badly needed plans for working capital and long-term financing and structuring reorganization plans. In working with stakeholders, Gary Rushin successfully augmented value, supported litigation, provided formal company- and industry-specific reports, developed competing reorganization plans and supported testimony and expert work product.

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