“Pivot”… Making a Business Course Correction! But Know It Starts with Good Strategy

“Pivot”… Making a Business Course Correction! But Know It Starts with Good Strategy

The key word is Pivot! Make a pivot change in the direction of the company when you identified that the company is heading toward the wrong direction. Learn, apply, and progress by starting first with good strategy. Trust in yourself and have confidence to make things happen.  Develop commitment for effectively executing change. Through good strategy will enable you to make the pivot for change that provides results.

But to begin, what is strategy. Good strategy almost always looks obviously simple. However, strategy does more than urge going forward towards a goal or vision.  Developing a good strategy honestly acknowledges the challenges being faced.  Good strategy develops an approach to overcome these challenges. Bad strategy tends to skip over this little detail. Surprised, this is reality.

Bad strategy builds upon mistaken foundation. Bad strategy covers up failure to provide a map through the use of showing only the broad goals, ambitions, visions, and values. Despite the fact that these areas are very important, it is not a substitute for the work of developing a comprehensive strategy.

So what is strategy? Do not confuse strategy with ambition, inspirational leadership, determination, and innovation. Zeal, drive, and excel is ambition. Motivation, building enthusiasm, gain a following is inspiration leadership. And commitment, grit, gaining purpose is determination.  According to UCLA professor Richard P. Rument, a good strategy has coherence, coordinating action, policies, and resources so as to accomplish an important end. Know this before you get started. You can pivot, but try to avoid “zig-zagging”.

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