Strategic Business Transformation Expert

My Journey

Becoming a Business Transformation Expert

It seemed like only yesterday when I began my journey.

Since high school, I desired to become a forward-thinking business transformation expert. It was about knowing how money works and how to make it through entrepreneurship.

Back then, did I know what it meant to be a business transformation expert? No. The term did not exist. And unlike others, I did not have a mentor, a person that took me under their wing and guided me through the minefield of business and career development. It was like going through a maze of obstacles that included intentional and unintentional haters, systematic and institutional racism, and those unwilling to share their knowledge, influence, money or just simple help - have you experienced any of these obstacles? However, I figured it out and learned the essence of business on my own.

What a journey. The things I've done. The places I've been. The people I've seen. I believe myself quite blessed. And I don't take it for granted. Based on the breadth and depth of these experiences and what I can do for you, I provide business transformation expertise.

For me, capturing a comprehension of business, technology, and strategies was a must. Designing cutting-edge business opportunities and solutions that encompassed the complexity of business challenges was a requirement. But at the end, I gained a combined insight into the knowledge of business systems, process design, finance, accounting, and sales and business development. It was about understanding the enterprise, as a whole, the economic environment, in which it operates, and how to sell the product or service.

Now I can share with others how a business, its architectural design, and sales development process create entrepreneurial wealth. It is about making money.

Whether it is designing new solutions that meet or exceeds business goals, exploiting technology, I know how to identify business constraints, and to develops solutions that impact earnings and cash flows.

As an entrepreneur, author, blogger, and global speaker, I have taught executives, MBA students, entrepreneurs, and professionals on business renewals, business development, and business transformation. I will share experience in manufacturing, investment and commercial banking, technology, and education with you.

If you're looking to have someone inspire, energize, and inform your audience at the next event, ask Gary to speak.



Certified Public Accountant - State of Maryland
Chartered Global Management Accountant
Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisor (I)
Master of Computer Science - Southeastern U.
Bachelor of Business Administration - Temple U.
(I) Inactive

Notable Experience

Chief Executive Officer (Manufacturing Company)
Chief Financial Officer (Technology Company)
Chairman of Unsecured Creditors' Committee
Venture Capitalist
Turnaround Management Advisor
International Commercial | Investment Banker

My Journey to the Inspire You to Create Entrepreneur Wealth

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